Monday, July 21, 2014

Some catching up to do

We have a lot of catching up I do on this blog, and since we want to be able to look back over the years and remember what we were up are some photos over the last year or so. 

Loula grew up. 

We went to Arizona. 

Asher turned one. 

We spent time in Iowa. 

September was busy. We went hiking with friends.

Loula too. 

We went sledding down sand hills. 

And we packed for Ft Rucker. 

When the government shut down, we delayed our trip to Rucker. October was busy too! 

We went to the Albuquerque balloon festival. 

We practiced riding bikes. 

Joella turned four.

We went to a pumpkin patch. 


And finally we headed for Rucker. Road trips are always fun. 

More coming on another day!

Monday, March 25, 2013

What this pack's been up to

Yep, we're still here in El Paso. I can't believe we've been here over a year and a half.

 Hi, I'm Loula, an Aussie pup, and I'm joining the pack in a few days.

I guess a lot has happened since we blogged last...! We're getting a new pup this weekend, so that should be interesting. Lots of little ones to keep track of! We're hoping to socialize her enough to the point that she will make a good therapy dog down the road.  I have been working with Kaeda / going to classes with a friend from church, but I think she'll be a better "home" therapy dog. She's a bit nervous out and about, but is great with the kids at home We put her to work here often.

The kids are growing like crazy. Asher is standing up like a champ, and likes to play with anything that involves a ball or blocks. He seems to know what to do with a golf club and soccer ball. It's hilarious to watch him try and hit the ball and kick from the ground.

 Hi, I'm cute

I like to figure out how things work. Can't wait to work in the garage with Daddy.

 I pout from time to time,

but I'm pretty happy most of the time so the name fits ("happy").
Not sure why Mama dressed me in this order, but thought I'd show off my rolls.

 I'm old and wear basketball shorts which make my parents laugh. Most of what I do makes them laugh.

 We're excited about carrots!

 We are goofy and we make each other laugh a LOT!!!

Joella is quite the little girl and has tons of personality as always. She is so sweet and compassionate, and shows lots of initiative when someone needs help. She wants to know everyone's name if we see them in the store or from a distance. She is very verbal, and I often overhear her basically sharing the gospel with her "buddies" (dolls, puppies, etc.). It's usually about Jesus and how he loves us and how he died for us, etc. "The word of the Lord, I am the way and the truth and the life, He loves you no matter what," etc. I can't believe how many concepts she has picked up stored in her little heart. 

I have a hard time not making crazy faces. This is my parents' version of folding clothes. Asher's new pack-n-play turned into a giant laundry basket overnight.

I LOVE dolls. I didn't mean to wear a headband like her, but aren't we cute?

Again, a hard time with the "normal" faces...

Yep, still struggling.

 There we go...kinda :)
Matt has been busy with work, but we're thrilled that he's not deployed right now. I have a few pics of him, but I'm not sure that he'd approve... One is of him sleeping with a doll wearing his oh so handy but really nerdy headlamp. The other is of him with a pink cape driving to a cabin a few hours away. I suppose I could have posted a pic of him feeding a deer - he was really excited about that. 

We've all been pretty involved with our church, and have an awesome community here that has loved and challenged us. We're actually part of a new church plant, and are having our grand opening this Sunday. Even Joella pretends to go to church when she's playing and talks about how she's excited to be starting a new church. Pretty cool! It's been neat to work as a team to get it rolling, and we're excited to see how God will use it to change lives.

Well, I guess we'll post in another 6 months or so! :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

2 Kiddos

Yep, it's been awhile. We love having two kiddos. We've been putting time into those little ones instead of online! here are a few pics. It's hard to get a good one of both of them! I have a new found respect for those special photographer friends of mine :)

Brand new!
 My mom was LOTS of help when Asher came.

About a month-ish. Joella's great with him.


Pretty cute, don't you think? Love them!

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